Strategic Information Systems

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SIS Assignment tasks:

A. Discuss different levels and types of information systems uses in your chosen organisation.

B. Discuss the relevance of information management, knowledge management and information systems strategies for your chosen organisation.

C. Discuss the role that IS planning frameworks can play in creating an effective IS strategy for your chosen organisation. Also explain the role of IS led change in successful adoption of systems at this organisation.

D. Discuss the importance of IS planning tools (such as, IS Applications Portfolio, Boston matrix, Critical Success Factors, PEST, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT, Value chain analysis) in IS planning frameworks, in the organisation of your choice.




Information system (IS)3
Types of systems3
Operational system level4
Knowledge system level5
Management Information Systems (MIS)5
Strategic systems level6

Information Management Strategy (IMS)7
Knowledge Management Strategy (KMS)8
Information Systems Strategy (ISS)9
Summarise the importance of IMS, KMS and ISS9

The role of IS planning frameworks in IS strategy10

IS led business change14

The importance of IS planning tools15
SWOT analysis19
Porter’s Five Forces20


References & Bibiliography21

Appendix 123
Appendix 224
Appendix 324
Appendix 425
Appendix 525
Appendix 626


Tesco is the largest British based retail chain and has operated over 700 stores around Britain. This report is tended to explain the usefulness of IS within the company. Further, the report will analyse the different role of strategy such as Information management strategy (IMS), Knowledge management (KMS), and Information systems strategy (ISS) and the potential changing to the company. Finally, identify specific tools that can assist managers to throughout the whole Tesco capability and future investment effectively.

Information system (IS)

An organisation’s management team faces numerous challenges today as internet and the increasing globalisation has generated many challenges to business. Information and technology are extremely helpfulness to business to overcome these challenges. Information system is one of the most used widely technology in organisations in order to cope the changing business environment (Appendix 1). Loudon, K, C & Loudon, J,P (2004) define an information system “as a set of interrelated components that collect, store, process data and distribute information to support the activities of managers and other workers such as analyse problems, visualise complex subjects and create new products.” Data is no meaning originally, but through a transformation process, the data can provide meaningful contexts as information to managers and workers for future activities. For example, Tesco sales department deals with the product of sales. The input data is concerning as the quantities of each products sold, and then the information may display the favour ranking products or profits after transformation process. [pic]


Types of systems

A single system cannot provide significant information to an organisation needs. The different levels of IS serve different management needs due to the differences of management interests, specialist and management levels (Elliot 2004). Figure 2 displays the types of IS. [pic]

Each system level is organised and work collectively for providing useful information to organisation (Appendix 2). The different types of system have a typical hierarchical business for organisational decision making. Within a typical hierarchical business organisation, each organisational level exhibits different information requirements and application of technology (Appendix 3). Such systems are mechanical in their algorithmic...
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