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p| National Centre for Ports and ShippingDepartment of Maritime & LogisticsHuman Resource Management (JNB324) | | Semester 1, 2011On-campus workshop activities and self study|
Topic 2; Week 3: A strategic approach to HRM; The Context of HRM (cont’d); HR Planning.

Theme to consider: What is strategically managing human resources? How do we distinguish it from ‘plain HR’?

Major topics

* Defining strategic HRM
* Strategic alignment
* SHRM and business strategy
* SHRM model
* HR policies

* The Context of HRM (refer the notes below under Attachments) * The global Context/Australian Economy
* Workforce Changes
* Changes in work and employment patterns
* Political and Legal Context

* HR planning in a changing environment
* Approaches to strategic HR planning
* HR planning model
* HR planning environment
* Benefits of HRP


Nankervis, A., Compton, R., Baird, M. and Coffey, J. 2011, Human Resource Management: Strategy and Processes, 7th edn, Cengage Learning, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Our classwork will highlight sections upon which to concentrate – most students find working through each Chapter in its entirety useful to provide context. Chapter 1 (cont’d)

Chapter 2 (cont’d)
Chapter 4


Week 3 class:

* AHRI, 2010, ‘White Paper people@work/2020, Ten future workplace scenarios’ The Australian Human Resources Institute, Australia, pp. 26-28. * All Hands on Deck’, 2009, HRMonthly, August, pp. 18-22. * Pack & Send. 2008 ‘More personal, more global and much more online’ Moving Business Forward: Australian Expertise in Transport and Logistics, pp. 140-141. * Gomez-Mejia, L. R., Balkin, D. B. and Cardy, R. L. 2004, Managing Human Resources, 4th edn, Pearson/Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, p. 38: ‘Competencies required of the HR Department to become a full strategic partner’.

Week 4 class:

* The University of Calvary – HR plan.
* Revisit Gettler, G. 2009, ‘Time to stop selling short’, HRMonthly, June, pp. 30 - 32.

Topic Overview

Now that we understand what is meant by HRM, the concept of strategic HRM should follow logically. Even so, in this topic we discuss why HRM should have a strategic focus and be integrated with the corporate strategy. We also examine why and how the HR department should undertake planning as a means of delivering a sufficient labour supply in the context of the strategic approach. This question requires an understanding of how the dynamic macro environment can impact on HR policies. This topic begins by considering that the HR department should be included in the organisation’s strategy formulation and implementation. Some of you may be surprised to find that in many organisations HRM is not considered a necessary component of strategic planning and management. In this topic, we look at the contribution that HRM can make to the corporate strategy and the role of HR policies to help organisations achieve their objectives. This is done via HR planning or the forecasting of the supply and demand of labour based on environmental changes. In response to external influences, including legislation, award restructuring and enterprise bargaining processes HRM is adopting a strategic approach to the management of human resources for corporate benefit.

Key terms

* Strategic alignment
* Strategy
* SHRM model
* The flexible firm
* HR policies
* Strategic planning
* HR forecasting
* Labour demand forecasting
* Labour supply analysis
* External environment
* Rentention

Key terms (Chapter 2, Nankervis, 2011)

* casualisation
* employment contracts
* globalisation
* Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
* intergenerational conflict
* maternity/paternity leave
* work–life balance
* (workplace)...
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