Strategic Hr in Samsung

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Integrity Management
Building a Creative Corporate Culture | Respecting Global Diversity

Business Creation
Corporate value comes from efficiency, which originates from the corporate culture and a talented workforce. Samsung Electronics pursues the utmost efficiency through a life / work balance and candid communications with employees in addition to transparent business practices. Samsung Electronics practices the value of “Talent Management” in its daily business activities. Business Creation is all around us.


Building a Creative Corporate Culture for Sustainable Development


Global open HRM

/ Energetic and strategic HRM

Creative performance Trust-based mutually -based HRM -beneficial HRM

Recruiting and retaining creative talent

Securing leadership in R&D

Establishing advanced global HRM systems

Building a creative and passionate work environment Strategic employment management and a perpetually stable labor-management relationship


Achieving global diversity

Adopting next-generation organizational models

Fostering world leading expertise






Priority Issues in Integrity Management at Samsung Electronics Promoting a creative organizational culture Building a great work place (GWP) Talent management Human resources development Education for enhancing core competencies Recruiting and retaining global talent Fair evaluation and compensation for performance Respecting human rights and diversity Labor-management cooperation and addressing employees' grievances


Our Plan for 2009
Expanding the “Flexible Time” program Conducting employee education of at least 100 person-hours per employee Selecting and employing talented disabled vocational trainees

Integrity Management

Building a Creative Corporate Culture
Annual Employee Education Person-Hours

Hyun-Jun Choi, Staff Design Technology Team, System LSI. Business Division Su-Jin Roh, Staff Sales 2 Group, System. LSI Business Division

Highlight in 2008
Very High: High: Low:

Adopting “Flexible Time” program to maximize employee creativity Monitoring “Over-time Work” to help improve life quality of employees

Material issues regarding “Building a Creative Corporate Culture” Issues Identified Promoting a creative organizational culture Building a Great Work Place (GWP) Talent management Stakeholder Impact C E I L G P N Samsung Electronics’ Response Encouraging suggestions for work process improvement, adopting “Flexible Time” program and continuing to improve working environments

Human resources development Education for enhancing core competencies

Utilizing GWP index in corporate culture analysis and strengthening corporate culture improvement initiatives Retaining competent workforce, supporting employees’ self-development for competencebuilding, providing sound corporate environments Operating education programs to nurture nextgeneration leadership, global competency, and job specialists Training in major functions and jobs, providing training programs related to work-site operations of each business division


C - Customers, E - Employees, I - Investors / Shareholders, L - Local Communities, G - Government, P - Partners, N - NGO, NPO

Promoting a Creative Organizational Culture

Encouraging Suggestions for Work Process Improvement
Samsung Electronics implements various programs to support employees’ suggestions so that ideas can bear fruit. We offer incentives for the filing of patents, provide a knowledge management system to share expertise and knowledge amongst employees, and support community activities. We also offer incentives for idea suggestions to encourage our employees to proactively participate in knowledge sharing within Samsung Electronics. As a result, a total of 3,515 patents were filed in the U.S. in 2008.

Adopting a Flexible Time program
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