Strategic Financial Ratio Analysis

Topics: Financial ratios, Financial ratio, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Pages: 8 (2235 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Strategic Financial Ratio Analysis|
Meghna Cement Mills Bangladesh Limited & Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Limited For the year of 2009,2010 & 2011| Course Title : Fin 254 Section : 11 Submitted to : SFR Submission date: 09/04/2013|

Group: 5

Mohammad Riyasad Jamil (Id# XXXXXXXXXX) Saika Alam (Id# XXXXXXXXXX) Rifat Kaniz (Id# XXXXXXXXXX) Mohammad Shaikh Ashfaq (Id#1020668030) Anika Tabassum (Id# XXXXXXXXXX) Ishraq Aahmed (Id# XXXXXXXXXX)

Ratio analysis is the broad method by which financial data is converted into simple mathematic ratios for comparison. Since the data is widely available, calculating ratio analysis numbers can be accomplished by anyone with access to public financial statements. External usage of the ratio analysis data is widespread. While these ratios don’t tell the whole story, sharp deviations from an industry standard, can forecast growth or decline. In this project we have selected two companies from The Cement Industries of Bangladesh, one as our main company for which we intend to analyze through Ratio Calculation and the other one as the direct competitor to that company. The main company we have selected is the Heidelberg Cement and the competitor company is to be Meghna Cement Mills Bangladesh Limited. Both of these companies are enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange since 2007 till present. The whole purpose of this project is to comparatively evaluate the main company (The Heidelberg Cement) to its direct competitor (The Meghna Cement Mils Bangladesh Limited), to determine the over-all strategic financial health of The Heidelberg Cement. Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd, one of the group companies of Heidelberg Cement Group, founded in Germany in 1873, with its core products being cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and related activities, is one of the leading producers of building materials worldwide. The group employs around 43,000 people in more than 50 countries. In 1999, Heidelberg Cement acquired its operations in Bangladesh. The subsidiary Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd., which is the market leader in Bangladesh, operates two cement grinding plants in Dhaka, the capital city, and in Chittagong. At present it has 9.31 % market shares among total market share of 78.29 % of 13 major cement manufacturers in Bangladesh. The company’s last estimated production from 2011 was 1,320,129 MT and observed sales were 1,318,110 MT. The last observed market value from 2001 of this company was 248.8 Taka/share and the book value was 142 Taka/share. So the company was overvalued by the Market. These worked as the reasons for us to choose this company as a test company for The Strategic Ration Analysis. We have selected Meghna Cement Mills Bangladesh Limited to be the direct competitor of our test company for this project. Meghna Cement Mills Ltd is the first manufacturing unit of Bashundhara Group and it is one of the largest cement industries in the country producing nearly 1 million metric tons a year. The company is listed with both Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges. The last observed Share price of the company from 2011 was 136.60 Taka/share. Although it’s a domestic company compared to The Heidelberg Cement, it...
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