Strategic Family Therapy

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Cyria Villalobos
LT Assignment (family system tools)

Strategic Family Therapy
Strategic Family Therapy is designed to help find a solution to peoples problems. Strategic therapy does not make individuals reminisce about issues about what happened or how it happened, they just care about finding the right solution that will help the individual overcome his or her issue. Strategic therapy also has its name for a reason, they help clients by using strategically plan, execute, and measure winning outcomes. According to a website devoted to strategic therapy pioneer Jay Haley (2008-2011), Haley outlined five integral stages that all strategic therapist implements: 1. Identify solvable problems. 2. Set goals. 3. Design interventions to achieve those goals. 4. Examine the responses. And 5. Examine the outcome of the therapy. Therapist considers a family a system that lives with rules and interactions that families create that may affect each member’s psychological health. When a particular individual in a family has problems they need help facing, therapist find it easier when all family members get involved. When the individual sees his or her family being part of the therapy session, it shows how much his or her family members care for them and want them to get help with his or her issues they may be having. It is a sign of love and support that they have for one another. Therapist have also found that during strategic family therapy, they can help all family members help encourage each other as well as create rules and interactions that are psychological healthy for all family members who are involved. It will make it easier for the family members to all get along and understand each other. When one person in the family is having issues, the other members should take the time to talk to one another and help each other out, especially the family member who is in need of help.

All Psychology (2008-2011). Strategic Family...
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