Strategic Evaluation Document for Boots

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| Strategic Evaluation Document for Boots|
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1 Management Summary3
2. Introduction4
3. Strategic Evaluation6
3.1 SWOT analysis6
3.2 PEST analysis7
4. Impact of IS9
5. E-Marketing Strategy11
5.1 E-Marketing strategy I will advise the organization to adopt11
5.2 The value proposition and differential advantage of this strategy11
6. Legal and ethical issues13
7. Conclusion14
8. References15

1 Management Summary
As an experienced consultant, I have been invited by Boots Senior Management. I need to put together a strategic plan based on the evidence supplied. The Management is also seeking a thorough investigation into the analysis of the impact of the new system on the culture and the productivity of the organization. I produce a management report title by “Strategic Evaluation Document for Boots”. In this report, I investigate the impact of the new IT/IS system on the culture and productivity of the organization and also I identified the evidence that corroborates, or falsifies the claim that the new system has delivered value and provided the organization competitive advantage that Boot’s management were seeking. Boots is a retailer company that launched Advantage Card base on the result of recording purchasing patterns and customers’ behaviors. Boots already have analysts and marketers and also the database system exist too. But Data didn’t flexible and also query response times are taking so long. Therefore, Boots managed Customer Data Analysis System (CDAS) by using the help of IBM. After using this system, the problems are nearly solved. Boots want to gets customer to use their brand all over their lifetime. So, it intends to make Campaign Management System. In the future, Boots’ valuable customer will purchase Boots product peacefully and happily. To achieve all of this, Boots’ analysts try to research all possible ways of marketing strategy, legal and ethical issues. It is a bit difficult to research the big company system but I try my best to collect all require data and information.

2. Introduction
Boots is the long life retailer that stands as a private limited company. Its main marketing environment is the Toiletries, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Beauty, and Photography. Boots also have a strategy for their market. But for the company’s growing team of analysts and marketers, it is driving to change its strategy as a customer-centered view from the traditional product category focus according to the information on purchasing patterns. According to the result of strategy manager, Boots have the loyalty data related with customer for a real impact on the business.

To fulfill their plan of changing company’s culture, Boots intend to make Advantage Card for their customers. Advantage Card plan is depend on customer behaviors for Boots. So, they research extensive trials for two year in the Norwich and Plymouth areas. These trials tested out the reward levels and had begun to identify what card holders wanted from Advantage Card plan. Boots targets women as the majority. For this time, Boots want their scheme different from the others. So, they focus to give ‘treats’ to card holder customers. Customer will be rewarded with a personal item that they would not normally buy for themselves. This scheme got a good result for Boots because its sales growth is even greater than expected in two years.

Boots invested around £25 million for Advantage Card including database in first year to get a significant sales growth that was an important part of the rational for the scheme. Boots more value the records that focus to consumer behavior which can reveal the buying patterns. To get...
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