Strategic Employee Training and Development in Chinese Luxury Hotels

Topics: Human resource management, Hospitality industry, Hotel Pages: 4 (1104 words) Published: March 18, 2011

Organizations’ success is relying on the critical value of human resources. Competitive advantage can be earned by giving more effective utilisation of human resources in organizational context (Guest, 1987). When the organisation becomes a success, it will spring from organisational capabilities such as speed, agility, employee competence and learning capacity but it is an issue to achieve these organisational capabilities (Leonard-Barton, 1995). A lot of people arguing the traditional training function with focus on operational level are not compatible with the organisations’ demands for core competency in new economy (McCracken and Wallance, 2000). Human Resouces Development is a composite of theories and always be seen as a strategic management of training and learning by achieving the objectives of the organisations and ensuring a lot of utilisation knowledge and employees’ skills and strengths (Griego; Geroy, and Wright, 2000). There are always disagreement of human resource development in comparing with traditional training such as integration with organisational missions and gials, top management support, existence of complementary HRM activities, recognition of cultures and emphasizing evaluation (Garavan, 1991). The most noticeable arguments is about the HRD’s assumption in applying to organisational context because it is difficult to find empirical evidence to support the implementation of HRD principles (Mabey, Salaman and Storey, 1998).

Proficient, skilled workers and motivated employees are crucial in service industries especially hotel industries. Usually the hotel industry is depending on how the workers deliver their service to the customers and it is obviously seen that hotel’s employees are playing an important role in this industries. The hotel industry should provide training on dealing with people and providing right service which meets the standard requirements....
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