Strategic Choices for Glastonburry

Topics: Music, Strategic management, Management Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: July 18, 2012
The strategic choice perspective in the study of organizations and considers its contemporary contribution. It is one of the logical elements of the strategy formulation process while ‘choice’ is at the centre of the strategy formulation. This theory is built on an idea of interaction in which organizations adapt to their environment in a self-regulating and negative-feedback manner to achieve their goals. Good strategic choices have to be challenging enough to keep ahead of competitors but also have to be achievable. In order to compete at the individual business level, business strategy should be taken to improve the overall quality of the attenders experience in the Glastonbury. Support and promote the application of Glastonbury by promoting the virtual community of the festival on the website and search engine to give appropriate overview information of this music festival so as to attract more hippy attenders. Besides, Glastonbury should fully utilize the use of media especially the internet to communicate their message with the world. In this era of technology, advertising and ticket selling of the festival can be done thru online in effectively and efficiency. Other than that, some specific problems which caused by over-demand such as poor transport links and large audience being cited must be resolved. The authorities may hold the event on a vast and wider land so that a large number of people can be fit comfortably in the music festival. Moreover, the authorities are encouraged to provide enough facilities especially the transport links until the end of the day, so that the safety of the audiences are ensured. Furthermore, the event is recommended to stop and end before 12am to reduce the excessive voice and to concern about the people who have to wake in the early morning for their works. On the other hand, most existing organizations have to innovate constantly simply to survive in the business world. Therefore, innovation is one of the typical...
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