Strategic Case of Boogaard Assurantien

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A look into the future of brokerage industry in the Caribbean

A strategic case of Boogaard Assurantien N.V.


For the assignment of strategic management I chose to make an analysis of the future of Boogaard Assurantien. For obtaining insight on the future planning of this company, a personal interview was conducted. The subject of my interview was the Managing Director Mr. Celestino Dabian, a function he has occupied since 2002.

Boogaard Assurantien may be unknown to a lot of people, but has establish a strong reputation in the brokerage and insurance company on Aruba.

Interviewer: Ferdinand Hsing

Date: 26 May 2010

Company: Boogaard Assurantien N.V.

Interviewee: C. Dabian

Place: Boogaard Assurantien located at Paardenbaai 8, Oranjestad

Duration: 50 min


Mr. Johannes C.M. Boogaard started in the insurance world in 1978 in Haarlem, Holland.Since then has grown in the last 32 years to a recognized independent insurance broker for both business and private market. Mr. J.C.M. Boogaard arrived in Aruba in 1997, where he started up with a small broker’s office with 5 employees. Boogaard Aruba now has grown to operating as the largest broker’s office with authorizations on Aruba and Netherlands Antilles, owns two offices, and employs close to 80 workers. Some of their major clients are the Aruban government, hotels, local wholesalers and car dealers.

Key facts

|Head office |Paardenbaaistraat 8, Oranjestad | |Phone |(+297) 528 8888 / (+297) 5288832 | |Fax |(+297) 582 6862 | |Website | | |Branch |Helfrichstraat 2A, San Nicolaas | |Phone |(+297) 528 8890 | |Fax |(+297) 584 3268 | |Employees |78 |

Figure 1: Key facts of Boogaard Assurantien

Business description

Boogaard Assurantien N.V. Aruba is an expert in insurance, mortgages, financing and pensions. We can assist you with all your questions concerning insurance both for damage- and for life insurance (

Boogaard Assurantien N.V. acts as the largest independent broker of Aruba with a large number of authorizations. An authorization means that Boogaard has power to take certain decisions on behalf of the insurance company where the policy is closed. The level of authorizations varies between insurance companies. This is unique of its kind on Aruba, where a broker acts as an insurance company. Because of these authorizations the company is able help you rapidly and adequately.

Organization chart of Boogaard Assurantien N.V.


Objectives of the company

The objectives of Boogaard Assurantien are found at the Chamber of Commerce.

(a) To mediate at the effecting of insurance and re-insurance (b) To collect insurance contributions
(c) To fulfill insurance indemnity claims
(d) To advice in insurance problems
(e) To represent insurance companies

Major products and services

As a broker, Boogaard offers policies that include coverage classified business, life, living, traffic, medical, recreation and students. At Boogaard the client has the options of insurance coverage from different insurance companies as shown in figure...
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