Strategic Audit of Mcdonalds

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Gender, Touro College Pages: 3 (722 words) Published: February 20, 2008
Touro University International

Kevin C. Gilmore

Management of Business Communications
MGT 507

Professor – Dr. Corrine Patrick

Module 1 SLP

October 8, 2004

Most of us assume that our communication "style" is the best style – but the fact is that every style has merit. The key is to understand your style, and those of others. This highly interactive workshop helps diverse organizations identify and analyze individual styles. We base the workshop on a four-page written assessment that helps participants determine which of four styles they are: bold, expressive, sympathetic or technical. Once participants determine their own styles, they get together with others of similar styles to analyze the pros and cons of the style. In the third step, they do exercises and role-play interacting with other styles, to learn what really works. As one of our liveliest workshops, this curriculum makes understanding different styles fun. Many participants have found they finally understand the reasons behind communication breakdowns in their organizations, which motivates them to bridge the gaps. This workshop empowers people to understand others and communicate effectively throughout the organization. Even gender plays a role in communication, These same gender differences, whether genetic or learned, become parts of the communication pattern that stays with us for life. Generally speaking, in our society boys and men are seen as aggressive, independent and objective. Girls and women are seen as submissive, dependent and subjective. In general, men talk to give information or to report. They talk about things -- business, sports, and food -- rather than people. They convey facts, not details. They are goal-oriented. They focus on solving problems and are less likely to ask for help or directions. Men compete. Women, on the other hand, talk to get information and to connect or to gain rapport. They talk about people rather than things. They convey feelings...
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