Strategic Analysis on Melamine Industry

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Executive Summary
The melamine product manufacturing sector is still in its growth stage. However, the concept of manufacturing melamine products aims to reach current target group as well as higher middle class people, corporate sector and exporting internationally. That is why the crucial task of creating the appropriate culture and educating the customers about the quality and design of our products will be the top priority of our business. We will differentiate our product by ensuring improved quality than the market is serving now but at a lower cost because of our new technology at the price that market is charging. Again, we will come with unique and attractive design and some sort of customization to grab the higher middle class people, corporate sector and exporting.

The land for establishing the factory is owned by the partners will be leased. All the other requirements like machine and others will be purchased by the business. However, political instability, local intruders, inexperienced employees and customers, unaness about the manufacturing firm of melamine products would play a crucial role to defy the whole venture. Nevertheless, with rigorous direct selling and advertisement, a culture towards using melamine products and aness building will be done. As a manufacturing firm, Tazrian Melamine needs to create a strong, pro-active and effective human resource base.

As the long term strategy, Tazrian Melamine visualizes to be a global brand. As the initial setup cost is not huge in amount, so we forecasted to reach to break even within less than five years. It will be easier for the firm to reach the customer easily as we will provide distinctive products at market price. Along with this, the eventual employee experience, brand name and uniqueness of the product will help the company in gain economies of scale through experience curve. Eventually, we hope that Tazrian Melamine will be a distinctive manufacturing firm to provide people products with quality, unique design, affordability and reliability.

Team Profile



Managing Director

Quazi Zoheb Sanjid


Chief Executive officer



General Manager



Chief FinancialOfficer



Head of Human Resource



Head of Marketing

3. Company Overview

Tazrian Melamine is going to produce different kinds of melamine products to add divergence to the customers’ dining table. It will be a partnership based company, formed by six individuals having equal share each. Each of the partners of the company will be addressing a managerial role in the organization and will be working as a team to take any sorts of decision regarding the execution and development of the company.

We as entrepreneurs see immense opportunity in this sector. Because Melamine Industry is a growing industry and it has a lot of export opportunities so we entrepreneurs are hopeful about the success of TAZRIAN MELAMINE .

Initially Tazrian Melamine will start with 5 machineries and about 50 human resources in Keraniganj near Dhaka. The company will start its operation with 25 crockery models. Our product will be the best in melamine industry in Bangladesh. Our company will achieve a tremendous success in respect of sales amount and market share within a very short time due to its product quality and competitive price.

3.1 Mission Statement

We, the new generation of melamine producers, will focus on premium quality melamine products with innovative style and design.

3.2 Vision Statement

Establishing a world wide brand Image by reintroducing Bangladeshi Melamine products in the Global Market.

3.3 Key products

Different types of melamine cookeries.

3.4 Strategic goals and objectives

1. We are targeting to capture 10% market share within the first five years of our operation.

2. Our...
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