Strategic Analysis of Tesco Plc

Topics: Retailing, Strategic management, Marketing Pages: 20 (5803 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Strategic Analysis of Tesco plc

Outcomes covered in the report are:

1. To demonstrate an understanding of strategic decision making using of knowledge and understanding of business principles to critically reflect on the strategic management of an organization

2. To demonstrate and evaluate the strategy and the process undertaken to implement strategy, manage, and understand its impact on the organization.

3. To critically reviews emerging markets and analyze the limitations and influence of market development, marketing, and their relative dominance on the performance of an organization.

4. To demonstrate effective thinking and process for integrated approaches to business analysis and critical application of principles of strategic management to chosen pathway.

Table of contents

|Contents |Page No. | |Introduction |1 | |Findings |2-20 | |Business Economics |2-8 | |Business cycle | | |Market structure | | |Pricing strategies | | |Risk analysis | | |Recommendation | | |Strategy and Process |8-15 | |PESTL Analysis | | |SWOT Analysis | | |Strategic scenario: Case, China | | |Recommendation | | |International Marketing Strategy |16-20 | |Tesco’s international strategies: | | |Segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) strategies adopted by Tesco: | | |Recommendations | | |Conclusion |21 | |Overall Recommendation |21 | |References |21 |

The paper intends to understand insights to strategic management. The...
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