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Topics: Cooperative, Strategic planning, Citrus Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: May 22, 2006
Strategic Plan Analysis Paper
Sunkist is a leading international citrus supplier, but what you might not know is that they do not own a single citrus grove, and although they are a billion dollar a year organization, you cannot buy stock-because there is none. Sunkist is a cooperative not-for-profit company with over 6,000 citrus grower members from California and Arizona and has joined forces to produce the high-quality Sunkist fruit you have come to know and love. Sunkist is one of the 10 largest marketing cooperatives in America and the largest marketing cooperative in the world's fruit and vegetable industry. In competitive international market today, an independent grower stands alone against the competition. As a member of a cooperative, each individual grower joins with other growers to gain a mutually larger market share. The Mission Statement

The Sunkist mission statement has been refined to confirm their commitment to "maximizing returns for quality Sunkist growers". This mission guides everything they do. Sunkist has completed a survey of their members and packers to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses. The board recently reviewed the results and is working to better align itself to be as effective as possible. SWOTT Analysis

The Sunkist brand is known for its high quality product and its customer service, and the Sunkist goal is to respond not only to the demands of our buyers for year round supplies of fruit items, especially citrus, but also to provide a strong marketing and promotional service to other

fruit producers who have the same quality standards maintained by the Sunkist traditional cooperative suppliers. The purpose of forming alliances with sources of high quality seasonal citrus outside our California-Arizona grower base is to service the needs of its worldwide buyer network. These alliances also add value to their famous brand, while providing a strong marketing influence...
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