Strategic Analysis

Topics: Egypt, Constitution of Egypt, Politics of Egypt Pages: 52 (13562 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Under Supervision of Professor : Dr. Sherif Delawar Prepared by: Mohamed Adel Shday Salama Ahmed Khaled Elfeky AbdelhameedFaheem Hossam Elabd| MBA Winter 2010-2012 – 4th Semester – weekdays|

Strategic Management| Case Study on ELABD CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES – EGYPT| Ink , think & link

Table Of Content
PHASE One: input stage
SECTION ONE:Current Situation
A. Current Performance5
B. Strategic Posture8
Section Two: Strategic Managers11
A. Board of Directors11
B. Corporate Governance12
Section Three: External Environment14
A. Societal Environment14
B. Task Environment41
Section Four: Internal Environment53
A. Corporate Structure53
B. Corporate Culture55
C. Corporate Resources56
a. value chain analysis 56 b. Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS): 60
Section Five: Analysis Of Strategic Factors61
A. Situational Analysis61
a. Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Matrix 61 B. Review Of Current VISION63
Phase TWO:
Phase THREE:
STRATEGIC CHOICE & Implementation72
A. Directional Strategy72
B.Competitive Strategy73
Phase Four:
Evaluation & Control 76
A.Balanced ScoreCard77

Phase One: Input Stage
Section One: Current Situation
A. Current Performance:
Company profile :

ECI is a leading supplier of printing ink and coating for packaging and publications. Our family business of 30 employees strive to exceed customers’ expectations of quality, reliability and support. In 2011, we have generated revenues of 12 million Egyptian pound Our industrial facility is located in Borg El-Arab Industrial city - Alexandria – Egypt We are manufacturer of ink that can meet the needs and requirements of any printing application in items that you’ll often find in daily life. For instance, we make the inks for the printed matter that you see and read every day, packages for the different kinds of food you can find on the shelves of supermarkets, even your clothes when you purchase in shopping plastic or paper bags , Any tangible substance you may handle by your hand will bear our name through our ink . Naturaly,We gained our reputation in the small-to-midsize printing market, where a printer could purchase our exceptional quality and color consistency, can to can at a time. We also offered him more than printing ink. Throughout the years, in all areas of marketing distribution and customer service, our efforts have been geared toward helping printers learn more about printing. In addition to an exceptional product line, our technical specifications -help literature,trouble shot manual and technical assistance hotline has made ECI the most popular supplier of printing inks to the Egypt market and some Arabian and African countries . All of us are aware of the dramatic changes that the printing industry has undergone in recent years. Technology is taking the printing industry to more advanced distances : Printing equipment is far more sophisticated. Paper has become accountable to economics and the environment. Computers have altered the graphic arts industry forever, making process printing more accessible and affordable for converters , advertisers and manufacturers. ECI recognized and addressed these trends early on by creating formulations specifically for the needs and requirements, of the mid-to-large size printer and packaging manufacturer . It’s not surprising that the...
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