Strategic Alliances

Topics: Contract, Corporation, Strategic alliances Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: April 20, 2013

Topic:“Strategic Alliances”
General Purpose:To inform
Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about several types and goals of Strategic alliances that using by Companies. Central Idea:Several types and goals of strategic alliances could be good consideration to company to developing their business.

I.Do you know what is Strategic Alliances?
A.Strategic alliance is a cooperative strategy in which firms combine some of their resources and capabilities to create a competitive advantage.
B.Is it important for whom?
II.Why Alliances are common now?
III.Actually there are many types and several goals of strategic alliances that I have learned from International Management and other classes and also do some research to company. IV.But for today, I would like to explain four types of Strategic alliances that company more common use and several goals by using alliances.

I.There are four types of alliance that company commonly uses. A. Joint venture, this is the results of agreements based on which the partner companies remain independent and decide to create a new organization that is legally distinct. 1. The share of participation in capital can be 50/50, 49/51, 30/70. 2. Most joint ventures limit collaboration to specific functions.

B.Franchising, this is an agreement in which a company (franchiser) allows another (franchisee) the right to sell its products or services. 1. Franchising is a type of alliance that offers advantages to both parties. C.Licensing, this is an agreement in which a company allows another (exclusive licensing) or multiple others (non-exclusive licensing) the right to use its technology, distribution network or to manufacture its products. 1. For an innovative company with limited resources, licensing offers the possibility of presence in multiple markets and recuperating investment capital quickly. 2. The risk is that the...
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