Strategic Alliance Between Nokia and Microsoft

Topics: Management, Joint venture, Intellectual property Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Strategic Alliance between Nokia and Microsoft
Business Administration knowledge assists the implementation of the strategic alliance between Nokia and Microsoft from several aspects. To begin with, decisions about leadership are one of the most disturbing problems in the strategic alliance; interim leaders are appropriate solutions to the issue (Werther, 1998). Interim leaders are those haired from a third party, not belonging to the alliance partners. Compared to selecting a leader from one of the partners, interim leaders have their advantages. It eliminates the assumption from both the public and the employees that one party has the domination, which assists to build a neutral image of the alliance (Werther, 1998). Therefore, Nokia and Microsoft are in a fairly equivalent position in the alliance. Moreover, their focus is the success of the alliance rather than the benefits of one of the alliance parties (either Nokia or Microsoft). Compared to outside consultants, interim leaders also have more merits. Werther (1998) suggests that interim leaders have operational or practical authority instead of advising authority owned by consultants, and they are suitable in the start-up stage of the alliance. As the alliance between Nokia and Microsoft has just begun, interim leaders can be helpful. Interim leaders contribute to distinguishing between “actual values that are ‘in use’ from stated or ‘espoused’ values that are merely touted for internal or external consumption” (Argyriset al, 1985; cited in Werther, 1998, p.342). Thus, Nokia and Microsoft should select an interim leader from the third party rather from themselves. In addition, information flow management including intellectual property protection is crucial to the success of the alliance. Microsoft is the leading software company in the world, and Nokia has been the leading phone manufacturer all over the world. Thus, the value of intangible information can be even greater than tangible assets companies...
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