Strategic Alignment

Topics: Management, Organization, Strategic management Pages: 16 (3007 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Design, Development and Management of IT Infrastructure project Report
Organizations : Unilever, Kia & Bartleet finance.

Table of Contents
Chapter 14
1.1Purpose & Objectives4
1.2About the organizations4
Chapter 26
Research Methodology and Approach6
Business-IT Alignment6
IT Governance6
IT Intensity7
Chapter 38
Research Results and Discussion8
Chapter 410
Appendix A: IT Alignment & IT Governance Scores12
Appendix B: Questionnaire14
Strategic Alignment Maturity Assessment14
IT Intensity18
IT Governance Implementation Score Assessment19

List of figures

Figure 1: IT Alignment Per Company6
Figure 2: IT Governance Score Per Company7
Figure 3: IT Governance & Business-IT Alignment8
Figure 4: Comparing IT Governance scores10

Chapter 1
1.1 Purpose & Objectives

In present day most of the organizations consider Information Technology as an important factor for the support, sustainability and growth of the business. This widespread use has made organizations critically dependent on IT. Hence it is required to pay more attention to IT governance. IT governance enables that, IT is aligned to the business needs and also ensure whether the organizations stay on track to achieve their strategies and goals. Many organizations initialize the implementation of IT governance to achieve better alignment between business and IT. The purpose of this research was to identify the relationship between IT governance implementation and business/IT alignment for three organizations in Sri Lanka. The selected organizations for the research criteria were Unilever, Kia Motors and Bartleet Finance. 1.2 About the organizations

Unilever Sri Lanka is a fast moving consumer product company with local manufacturing facilities and has always held the reputation of being one of the most successful marketers and largest manufacturers of some of Sri Lanka’s leading FMCG brands. Their products could be broadly categorized in to Home care, Personal care and Foods. With a brand portfolio which consists of 26 brands that are household names, the company currently leads in all categories it operates in and has recorded double digit growth in the last eight consecutive years. Unilever Sri Lanka provides employment to 1400 people directly and many thousands more indirectly through its dedicated suppliers, distributors and service providers.  Bartleet Finance Sri Lanka is a financial solutions provider who is reputed to be one of the leading finance companies in Sri Lanka and is also a member of the Bartleet Group. Bartleet provides employment to 300 people. Company’s lending portfolio which exceeds 3.20 billion is wide-spread across the country’s agriculture, manufacturing and transport sectors. In 2011 the annual turnover of the company exceeded 1.1billon. Bartleet finace has set its goal to being the more versatile and dependable financial services provider in the country. Kia Motors (Lanka) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Colonial Motors Ltd which is a listed company at the Colombo stock exchange and is the sole distributor of Kia vehicles manufactured by KIA Motor Corporation of Korea. The range of KIA products available for Sri Lankan market stretches from a series of popular passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks, vans etc. Annual Turnover of the company is 2.5 billion rupees & work force is over 100 persons including subsidiary company staff. The choice for doing this exploratory research in the financial, manufacturing and transport sectors was made because among different industries, financial together with manufacturing are the first industries to use information technologies and as such is already more matured in these domains.

Chapter 2
Research Methodology and Approach
Business-IT Alignment
Senior Management of each organization was...
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