Stranger in the Photo

Topics: Photography, Flag of the United States, Photograph Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Alex Abreu
Mrs. Myatt
A.P Language and Composition
13 March, 2013
The Stranger in the Photo is Me
Photos are wonderful still frames of a world that has passed us. Without them we would have lost so much of time. In every little box you keep a fragment of that day for all of time. I love pictures that don't include me. I personally dislike being in photos but love looking at others photo. It's weird I know but that's my stand on photos. In this photo I was in pre-k back when I used to live in Queens, New York. I was very happy, at times, and had fun times with friends that I miss now. My best friend used to live down the street from where I lived and we would always hang out and play some game outside or play a video game inside. In the picture in the park I was riding my bike with some friends with my dad as a chaperone, and he just made things better. This part of my childhood was a great time and I truly miss Queens. My picture is of my picture for Pre-k. It was in Queens, I have no idea as to how old I was. I look as if though I were really happy for this picture even though I really dislike taking pictures. It reminds me of nothing really. As I sit here pondering as to what this is similar to, my mind is a blank, how odd. This picture was taken, I believe, either at the beginning of the year or at the end of the year when I was still living in Queens. The American flag behind me makes the picture more official in a way, as if I were going off to war. My uniform making me very prestigious looking. My smile looked false, inadequate as if though I were just faking it but at such a young I shouldn't have been. The other photos of myself in this time period show me as a happy young boy, but here I looked sad. Life was great. I was still a child and I really enjoyed everything. I still didn't take hard classes and I didn't have hard homework that would take me hours at a time to complete. I wouldn't put my...
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