Strange Traditions

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Halloween is Strange

There are many strange traditions in today’s society. Some involve physical punishment on you while others will test your strengths and weaknesses. On strange tradition for me would be Halloween, though it’s a holiday most of us wait for, its history is still pretty strange. To begin with, this is a strange tradition because of what it has been meant to celebrate. The original idea of Halloween was actually a day where people thought that the worlds of life and death were closest. They took things like gourds or squash and drew faces away in order to scare away the bad spirits. It was also meant to be a day to honor your dead ancestors. But the modern day term of Halloween is actually a day where you get to dress up, scare people, and get candy, which has become totally different than what it was originally meant to be.

In addition, it is strange because it doesn’t make any sense. If it wasn’t Halloween and a guy was dressed up in a costume and randomly giving out candy to people who pass by, you may go over and take some, but you’ll also think about why he is doing it in the first place. If it was Halloween though, you would just do it without thinking. You also don’t know who is giving you candy. The saying your parents teach you, no matter what, don’t talk to strangers. Yet this one night, that rule go’s out the window. Let’s face it; Halloween is just a strange tradition. If it is only ok for one night, than why do we do it, just because we can? If this is the case then not only are you wasting money, but also your time.
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