Strange Discovery

Topics: Roman Empire, Helmet, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 29, 2012
corvStrange discovery
Experts disagree on the origins of the unusual find made last week by 17-‐ year-‐old Stuart Wilson and his father, Mike. Stuart, who lives in Saltcombe Street, Northton, with his family, were helping, his dad to build at new garden shed after the old one had collapsed in the November storms. Whilst digging to lie the new foundation Stuart’s shovel suddenly hit something hard and the two heard a loud ringing metallic sound. They continued to dig carefully around the object. Finally they uncovered appearance, and Stuart grave it up with his hands. Up came a half golden roman helmet, Stuart brushes the dirt of the helmet and the helmet was now shiny gold, it was decorate with signs, it really looks like signs from the roman time. Boat Mike and Stuart were speechless and they didn’t now what they have found. Mikes dad Stuart said the roman helm only was old clutter and he go bag to his business.

To difference mike think the roman helm was so exiting. Because he just had Learn about the Roman time at his school so he knew exactly how such a helmet looked. He was sure that this half helmet was from that time. So he left his father in the garden and went inside to look at the half Roman helmet.

He polishes the half helmet completely clean so you could see every detail on it. The helmet was really heavy so Mike had to put it on his desk while. When Mike had polished the helmet clean and nice, he showed it to Stuart. Stuart was convinced and believed that it was from the Roman time as Mike had said. Mike and Stuart took a picture of the helmet and sent it to a U.S. top research firms, the company had looked at the pictures and they called Stuart, the company told Stuart that it was an amazing discovery and it was long time ago they had experienced such a find before. Now they put the half Roman helmet to study at the research firm. And both him and Mike are so excited about what they serve at their Inclusive finds. The Experts opinions...
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