Strange Behavior Explained by Albert Einstein

Topics: Albert Einstein, Question, General relativity Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: August 12, 2008
To ordinary and uncaring students and professionals like most of us, the only thing we know or relate to Albert Einstein is that he is the intelligent guy with a strange hair. To most he is just a guy who is famous for being famous.

This is not about his autobiography. But rather on a subject that most of us probably doesn't know because it does not exist. I only made this all up. That is Strange Filipino Behaviors Explained by Albert Einstein.

Among his famous and remembered subject matter involves the use of our Imagination, accounting, curiosity, innovation, infinity and relativity. And oh boy, we, the Filipinos internalized, embraced and made it our own. If you don't understand and you don't believe what I am telling you, then I will let the facts of our everyday lives make it for you.

We always thought of Einstein as the epitome of intelligence. But mind you, he himself believes that intellect is not the all and be all. He believes that imagination is more important and powerful than knowledge. As the saying of an old man in my barber shop, you can destroy someone's virginity with the power of your imagination. Powerful isn't it.

What race in the world possesses this greater than nuclear power, than the us, the Filipinos. As a proof of how fertile our imaginations are, it is only here where you you can find the most ridiculously sounding titles of movies. Movies such as, Gawin Sa Dilim, Init Sa Magdamag, Sabik Sa Halik and everyones favorite, the deliciously titled Patikim ng Pinya. Songs prolifirating in the airwaves such as Nilunok Ko Ang Lahat, Kahit Gaano Kalaki and Sing With Me now, Sya si Roger Jer Jer. Wow.....powerful imaginations indeed.

Philippines is a country full of questions. You may not notice it but we are asking a lot of questions. It could have been inspired by Einstein who said that “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”. That is why questions such as Who killed Ninoy, Who...
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