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“A restaurant is an establishment that serves prepared food and beverages to be consumed on the premises. The term covers a multiplicity of venues and a diversity of styles of cuisine.”

One of the fastest growing concepts of the restaurant industry over the last decade and in 2012 has been the fast casual restaurant. Though still a smaller part of the overall market than both the fast food and casual dining segments, fast casual concepts are setting off onto the scene and gaining popularity each year. And unlike traditional fast food restaurants, the market for fast casual is far less saturated, and franchise opportunities abound for the entrepreneur. In the Philippines, there are many restaurants, of different types, emerging today. Some of them appear because of market opportunities while some just want to take the risk of entering the business, while some really have healthy reasons that they like to share to consumers. Restaurants in the successful industry took them a long time in gaining their market share and growth except for Mang Inasal, a locally renowned fast casual restaurant here in the Philippines. Mang Inasal's success was considered very phenomenal. It only took them 9 years to achieve 445 branches nationwide, according to its website, and if one would try to look inside the restaurant during peak hours, one can better understand "why is it really phenomenal?”. As new business titles/names enter the restaurant industry, this research aims to study which of them has the greatest potential. On the other hand, a recently-started fast casual restaurant named Adobo Connection is just starting to grow and give its name its own popularity. Since Adobo Connection is a promising restaurant that is equipped with brilliant concepts, ideas, knowledge and strategies that are very Pinoy and healthy, researchers would really want to better strengthen its entry to the competition of restaurant industry to equal or even go beyond Mang Inasal’s success in just a few number of years.

A.Company Background

Adobo Connects Us All!
Nothing says Filipino food more than adobo. Every Pilipino has a fond memory of a meal shared over a plate of their favorite adobo whether it is chicken or pork, savory, sweet or spicy, saucy or dry.

Considered the quintessential Pilipino food, every region in the Philippines has its own adobo. The Bicolanos have adobo sagata. The Batanguenos have adobong-dilaw. The Illonggos have adobong-kangkong. There are so many varieties of adobo that it is really a way of cooking rather than one specific dish!

The Adobo Connection
Established by two Harvard Business School graduates, Meredith Ngo and Jerome Uy, Adobo Connection is a chain of restaurants that serves a variety of adobos at a place that reminds you of home.
The first store was opened in November 2010 in Makati. Backed by the same team that won the Best Foreign Franchise in the 2009 Entrepreneur Franchising Awards, Adobo Connection is now one of the fastest-growing Filipino franchises and the largest food franchise dedicated to our national dish.

The Adobo Connection specializes in adobo but also offers other Pilipino dishes. The store feels homey but offers value for money and convenience.

The company’s mission is to connect people back to their homes through food offered a comfortable setting at convenient places and prices. It became possible through superior quality food and beverages, legendary customer service, sales growth, cost controls and treating our employees like family. They believe that their employees are their most important resource and their success depends upon creating and retaining a staff capable of delivering an exceptional dining experience to every guest, every time.

The company’s vision is to be the no.1 Filipino Fast Casual chain in Asia and beyond.

Our employees are over reward Top Performers (in terms of career progression, financial benefits...
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