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Topics: Software testing, Unit testing, Integration testing Pages: 49 (15653 words) Published: January 28, 2013

K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai-77
Lab Manual: BE (I.T. Semester VII)
Instructions to the students
1. Every student is expected to bring printout of write-up of his/her experiment to be performed at the time of practical/tutorial session as per the time table. 2. The student is expected to take counter signature of the concerned faculty on the same day during lab/tutorial session for the verification of outcomes of the experiment.    3. The journal will contain A4 size papers unless it is instructed for a particular subject. 4. The students can use additional A4 size papers if necessary for writing journal. 5. Cover page of every experiment should be in the standard format as specified along with this lab manual.   6. The contents/index of the journal should be as per the format given.

7. Students are expected to follow the instructions given by concerned faculty during lab/tutorial session from time to time.


Sr No.

Name of the Experiment

Page No.

Date of performance

Date of Submission/ Correction


This is to certify that Mr. /Ms. _______________________________________Roll No._____________________ Exam.No._______________Class____________________ Div._________ Batch No.__________ has completed the specified term work in subject of ____________________________________in satisfactory manner inside the College of Engineering as laid by the University of Mumbai during the academic year July / January 20___ to November/April 20___

Overall Grade: Grade: AA / AB / BB / BC / CC

Faculty In-charge

Head of the Department



Roll No._______________

Class: ________Div:___ _____Branch:_______________________

Subject: ___________________________Experiment No.________

Name Date Date Grade:

of of of



performance:_____________________________________ Submission/ correction:___________________________

AA / AB / BB / BC / CC

Signature of the Faculty In-charge with date


Department of Information Technology

Subject: Software Testing & Quality Assurance
Term: Odd (2012-13) Class/Semester: BE/VII

List of Experiments
1. Study of tools and techniques used in various phases of SDLC.

2. Use of IEEE-829 format for developing test plan for an educational institute application designed for online admission system. (Clauses 1-8) 3. Use of IEEE-829 format for developing test plan for an educational institute application designed for online admission system. (Clauses 9-19) 4. Writing a Unit Test Plan using a standard template for testing a client server Program using UDP as a transport protocol. 5. White Box Testing using control flow : Designing test cases using CFG. (Control Flow Graph) 6. White Box Testing using data flow : Designing test cases using DFG.

(Data Flow Graph) 7. Black Box Testing: Study of HP QTP (Quick Test Professional) V10.0 Automation of Functional & Regression Testing. 8. Study of Rational Robot: A test automation tool for functional testing of client server applications. 9. Automated Performance Testing: Study of HP Load Runner. 10. Study of Software Quality Standard: ISO 9000:2000 Fundamentals and Requirements.


Experiment No. 1
Title: Revision of testing tools and techniques used in software development lifecycle. Aim: To Study various tools and techniques used in software testing throughout software development life cycle. Resources used: 1. Book “Software Testing and Quality Assurance” by Williams Perry 2. 3. Theory: There are basically two types of software testing tools: 1. Manual tools- These are the tools which are used in early phases of Software Development Life cycle (SDLC). It requires a tester...
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