Stp Segmentasi Targeting Dan Positioning

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(breaking down a diverse market into homogeneous groups)

↓ The STP Marketing Process
Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning Targeting
(choosing a specific segment for your campaign)

(designing a distinctive message to appeal to the targeted segment)

Breaking down a diverse market of people into smaller, homogeneous groups Segments should be measurable, sizeable,

Market Segments of Potential College Students
Wants a community college

Wants a mid-size school – not too big, not too small

and reachable

Wants a small, private, liberal arts school

After segmenting → target a specific segment (focus your campaign on that group) → positioning

Wants a large school that’s affordable with a lot of major choices

On what basis can a market be segmented?
Age Income Gender Education Occupation

Segmentation by Demographics – Meets the needs of child and parent

AIO (attitudes, interests and opinions) VALS II PRIZM Lifestyle Market Analyst Personality Products consumed

Bases for Segmenting (cont.)
Product benefits (benefit segmentation)
Based on benefits people seek in a product Ex. Cars – economy, basic transportation, status

Family buying behavior and decision-making
Initiator, evaluator, decision-maker, purchaser, etc.

Product usage patterns
Owner Psychographics: active, affluent, and educated, embrace technology, shy away from conventional status symbols Owners view the Saab as dynamic, distinctively styled, high performance, and safe Copy: Saab is functional and can be used to transport an object bought on impulse; rear seat folds down and the Saab has 46 cubic feet of cargo space

Heavy, medium, or light users

Benefit of Enjoyment

Goal: Reconnect people to the feeling of drinking a Coca-Cola; associate life’s good experiences with the brand Vietnamese ad – Promotes drinking Coke as a physical pleasure, not just as a status symbol to look trendy...
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