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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Segmentation - In what way to divide up markets into meaningful customer groups. Which have the common interest? 1. Demographic segmentation: In this segmentation the clause which come under it are age, gender, income, occupation, generation. a) Age- Here age of the customers plays an important role for acquiring this type of bike. The company focuses mainly the customers for the bike having the age-group of 18 years to 30 years. b) Gender- This product (Fz-s) has main focus on males and also female can buy this type of bike also but it can be rare situation, because it is heavy bike too. So here also gender plays another significant role to obtain this product (bike). As in advertisement also it has been show that John Abraham rides the bike. c) Occupation- This bike is mostly purchases by the consumers whose job or the profession is high, it is so because of the price of the bike is marginally more. So if the consumer whose occupation is not stable will not choose this bike. d) Income- another factor which will affect the buying of this bike (Fz-S) is income of consumer. It is the bike for middle class and upper middle class type of peoples. As the bike is slightly expensive, so the buyers salary or earning will plays vital role for buying. So consumers having average or higher income level will opt for this bike. e) Generation-. The demand f or this bike will be for mostly for students who are going to college and have completed 18 years of age. It is the latest trend of today’s generation because it is one of the on road and off road bike with stylish features and looks. It is the latest trend of today’s generation. It is on road and off road bike with stylish features and looks. The bike is designed to target the younger crowd and the youthful look of the bike is very much appealing. The Appearance of the bike is it is sporty Yamaha Fz-s is one of the most stylish and robust...
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