Stp Analysis for Mattel

Topics: Mattel, Marketing, Infant Pages: 3 (695 words) Published: March 30, 2011
STP Analysis for Mattel Inc.
Kimberly A. Waters
Texas Woman’s University

STP Analysis for Mattel Inc.

1. Segmentation
I. Assess the general market (how homogeneous or heterogeneous; patterns of preferences). A. Individuals: Consumers such as parents purchasing the toys, games or collectables for their personal satisfaction or for specific children to increase the use of motor skills and enhance their education. B. Businesses: Wholesale purchasers including daycare centers, schools, and other commercial businesses who are buying the goods for their customers to use. C. Retailers: Stores like Toys R Us who want to buy a variety of different brands to sell.

II. Describe the segmentation variables that could most effectively be used to segment the toy/game market. A. Behavioral segmentation: The usage of the toys and games would differ among the various types of toys from heavy, medium, to light usage. For example, middle aged to older consumers who only like to collect products like Hot Wheels and Barbie would have a light product usage and girls who are anxious about the next new Barbie product probably have a high product usage. There are also many consumer benefits in the toy and game market. These benefits include educational benefits, children’s development with imagination and originality, and personal happiness. B. Geographic: There are consumers all over the world who purchase and play with toys. These locations are in urban and metropolitan areas that tend to be highly populated. C. Demographic: These toys reach a wide range of upper and middle class consumers from the single stage of the life cycle, parents with children, and retired or senior stage of life. Males and females who are infants, children and adults are the main consumers for this market. D. Psychographics: Individuals who are family oriented and concerned about safety. They are very active and hands-on.

III. Identify and profile the various...
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