Storytelling in Ece

Topics: Developmental psychology, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Storytelling in ECE
Jelese T. Galt
University of the Fraser Valley

I am going to tell you about the importance of storytelling and how it helps children’s educational development, as well as future development. I will also explain about how storytelling is the most entertaining, inspiring, fun way to help promote healthy growth in a child physically, socially and emotionally. Next, many stories allow children to be involved with gestures and actions. Physical development is something you might not think of as a part of storytelling. This helps them to be active and to develop coordination and gross motor skills. (Norfolk.S, Stenson.J, & Williams, 2006). So when you read stories that have action or physical movements. Making a skit from a story where all the children are involved and participate helps they develop gross motor skills and coordination, which help them to become more physically active. As a result, they also will really start to enjoy story time, which then they will start to make sure they get stories read to them on a regular basis. Story time starts to become what they look forward to everyday. This is how storytelling helps children to develop in a physical way. The next thing that storytelling helps children develop in is social development. Storytellers often maintain eye contact with children well storytelling and speaking, because children are able to interact more during story time. (Forest.n.d).The experience feels more personal to them. Storytelling is an important social experience for children as they take turns listening and telling stories. These shared experiences help to create relationships and shape future social interactions. When children re-enact stories with others, they are continuing to learn social rules and social roles. Which will help them with socializing properly in future interactions? Storytelling also helps children develop emotionally because stories put information into an emotional context. Research...
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