Storytellers Daughter Paper

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Storytellers Daughter Paper

By | March 2006
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Storytellers Daughter Paper
Cultures throughout the globe are all different in the way their lives are lived, sometimes arranged. Everything from the food they eat to their role in society is different. When one culture looks upon another with ignorance, wars break out. The way something is in one culture means could mean the complete opposite in another. We may not always agree with other cultures and vice versa, but when that way of life can end another, and then something is done about it. Saira Shah's, The Storytellers Daughter, she brings forth the good and the bad ways of Afghanistan that many cultures frown upon, such as the degrading of woman or the restraints on their words and the penalties if broken. The Hamas terrorist group, the Taliban, enforced all of these ways that we, even the Afghan people disagreed with. Woman in Afghanistan are treated much like the way Americans treat dogs, only worse. Women are not allowed to speak in public; they cannot show their face in public and are not allowed to disobey men. There are many examples of women's suffrage in her book. If any woman were to break these laws, they could be put to death. Here in the U.S.A, woman have just as many rights as men do, nothing like the Taliban controlled Afghanistan were woman do not have any rights. Woman were just simply treated as dogs and looked upon as nothing more than a baby maker. Sexual harassment and abused was common in that empire. In the U.S. any kind of behavior like this towards woman is considered illegal and morally corrupt. Women were not even allowed jobs in Afghanistan. Some brave woman though would teach at secret schools and help the kids learn to read and write. The Taliban had an extreme way of life that brought the lush gardens and rich earth to dust and dirt. The wealthy became poor and Saira Shah's family legacy fell to pieces. She lost everything and was exiled from Afghanistan because her family was the one who help found...

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