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Topics: Mongkut, Anna Leonowens, The King and I Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Project in English
Project in English

Submitted to:
Prof. Gary Garay
Submitted by:
Sofia Mae N. Sabas

Submitted to:
Prof. Gary Garay
Submitted by:
Sofia Mae N. Sabas

Story Review: Anna and the King


Setting: Siam

* Anna Leonowens
* King Mongkut
* Tuptim
* Louis T. Leonowens
* General Alak
* Prince Chaofa, King Mongkut's Brother
* Princess Fa-Ying
* Queen Thiang
* Geoffrey Palmer as Lord John Bradley
* Anne Firbank as Lady Bradley
* Bill Stewart as Mycroft Kincaid, East India Trading Co. * Sean Ghazi as Khun Phra Balat
* Prime Minister
* King Chulalongkorn
* Prince Chulalongkorn
* Chulalongkorn's brother


English schoolteacher Anna Leonowens has done something that women of the Victorian age simply never do: The young widow has traveled thousands of miles with her son to a land that is largely unknown to the Western world. She arrives in Siam with adventure in her eyes and a Siamese primer in her hand. Whatever awaits her in this strange new world, there is no turning back. Anna has been employed to educate the king's fifty-eight children. She knows very little of King Mongkut, apart from the fact that his people revere him as a god. She brings with her an 'East vs. West' prejudice against the king, considering him to be uncivilized. She soon realizes that her views are more than matched by the ruler's own preconceptions about the West and particularly this impertinent Englishwoman. But over time, Anna and the King share a growing connection. Anna discovers that Mongkut is a true man of vision who is leading Siam to take its place among the nations of the modem world. And the King recognizes that Anna has shined a light not only on him and his family, but on Siam itself. Conflict:

 Siam is under siege from what appears to be a British-funded coup d'état against King Mongkut, using Burmese soldiers. Mongkut sends out his brother Prince...
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