Story of Vengeance Crowned with the Bloody Jasmines

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An Act of Vengeance by Isabel Allende
Story of Vengeance Crowned with the Bloody Jasmines

The story begins with Dulce being crowned Carnival Queen. Shortly afterwards, readers are introduced to the antagonist Tadeo Cespedes, and his history of violence. The senator had originating planned to take his own daughter’s life so that she wouldn’t fall into the hands of his murder. Dulce told her father that if she remained alive, she would have the opportunity to avenge them. In the 30 years that she constantly thinks about revenge against Tadeo, it results in an expected feeling of love for him. Also in that time period, Tadeo becomes a different man. He also falls in love because after that night he is never able to get the image of her out of his mind. Tadeo goes to go find Dulce, knowing that she would be in the same house 30 years later. The two unexpectedly find love and enjoyed a month of happiness while planning their wedding. Two days before the wedding, Dulce realized that she couldn’t go through with marrying Tadeo nor could she carry out her plan of vengeance, so she commits suicide. Sometimes people can’t fulfill their promises even though they were going to and have enough reasons and self-interest in it. The woman was waiting thirty years for the day of reckoning. I’m sure that all possible vengeance options were pondered thousands of times. She selected the most appropriate way, she reviewed it thousands of times, and thousands of times she committed her revenge mentally. Maybe eventually the glow has worn off, hatred became boring and for desired vengeance disappeared. Sometimes thinking about the same for a long time you come to conclusion quite opposite to that which seems to be at the beginning. What people think they want not always what they really want. Thirty years ago she was young lady crowned by fragrance of jasmines, who had everything she wants. But in one...
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