Story of Ungrateful Heart

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The Story of an Ungrateful Heart
In a land known as Tierra Grata, there lived an entrepreneur known as Noel. Noel is a very rich man who rarely stays at his home because he travels to different parts of the world and meet different kinds of person because of his business. Although he is always away, he always remembers his town. One day, he decided to visit the other people in his town. At the beginning of his tour to the town, he noticed a man looking very sad. He looked at him and saw nothing wrong about him except that he looked very sad. Unable to help himself, he approached the man and asked, “Why are you looking so down? Do you have a problem?” The man replied, “Why are you asking me? You cannot make me happy.” Noel then said, “I may be able to make you happy. Just tell me what’s wrong.” The man once again said, “You cannot make me happy.”

Noel said, “I am a very rich man. Tell me what you want and I will give it to you.” The man replied, “If you really want to make me happy, fill this jar with anything until it is filled to its brim.” He pulled out a small jar and handed it to Noel. Noel, seeing that the jar is not so big, started dropping coins to the jar but it was never filled to the top. He asked the man, “I’ve already dropped all my coins yet it is not yet filled. What else can I put inside this jar?” The man answered, “You can put anything inside it even things that look as though it will not fit inside, because no matter what you put it’s not going to be enough.” Noel feel challenged so he dropped the jewelries he has with him, but still it’s as if nothing was being placed inside the jar. He already put everything he has with him yet the jar is not filled to the brim. He tried putting his jacket inside and was surprised when the jar seemed to swallow it because even though the opening of the jar is very small, it was able to accommodate his jacket. He decided to put more of his things inside. He called one of the workers in his home to bring more...
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