Story of Medusa and Athena

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Story of Medusa and Athena

A long time ago, Once upon a time there was this beautiful Professor by the name of Harris. Harris stayed in the country by the name of Greece in the city of Athens. Professor Harris was considered the most lovely looking girl within a city full of pretty looking girls. Harris was exceedingly proud of her beauty, unfortunately and rarely talk or thought about anything else. Every day she would brag about how beautiful she is and how pretty she looks. Day after day her bragging became more and more out of hand.

On one, Sunday, Professor Harris bragged to her friends about how her looks were better looking than the snow that has freshly fallen on the ground and trees. Monday, she was talking to the cobbler and told him that the sun was not as bright as her golden hair which glowed. On Tuesday, the son of the black smith overheard the commented made by her about the Aegean Sea and her eyes. Harris thinks her eyes are greener then the sea. By Wednesday, she was at again with her boasting, but this time it was not to one or even two but everyone at the public gardens. She told the public that the reddest of red roses does not have anything on her red lips.

When Harris was not too busy sharing with everyone she came in contact with her thoughts on just how beautiful she is. Harris loved to gaze in the mirror at her lovely reflection. She would admired herself for hours each morning with her hand held mirror as she comb her hair. She would even admired herself in her darkened window each evening for hours as she got ready for bed. Professor Harris would even stopped every afternoon at the well to admire herself as she got her dad horses water. Forgetting often to fetch the water in her distraction.

Professor Harris went on about how beautiful she was to everyone and anyone who would give her the time of day long enough to hear it from her. She went on and on until she made her first visit to the Parthenon one day with some...
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