Story of Lim Goh Tong

Topics: BMW, BMW 6 Series, Straight-six engine Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The original 6 Series was launched in August 1976 as the successor to the E9 coupés,it was very successful and beloved by the customer of BMW.The year 2013 BMW came out a brand new BMW 6 series gran coupe(F06) ,the replacement of the old model the BMW 6 series (E63).The advertiment on the top is introduce the brand new BMW 6 series gran coupe(F06) ,the BMW company using a simple advertisement ,they didn’t use any complicated words but still feel fascinating by looking the picture of the car.This is the type of advertisement BMW company always use.BMW is using the demographic variable dividing market into groups based on variables such as age gender family size family life cycle income occupation education race and religion BMW have customers who are much more quality and luxury conscious then others.Income too can be used to define a customer group from a population. These customers are generally divided into 3 group of customers the middle to upper class individuals,families and also businesses who focus on greater performance and sustainability than other competitors .BMW also used the psychographic segmentation .BMW 6 series customers distinguish themselves from the mass by their personal distinction.They ambitious,hardworking and successful and meet their common needs of sportive and dynamical driving.they want to be as sporty as their car. BMW also use the behavioural segmentation .BMW 6 series customers are reguar buyers.they estimate the presence of a new car.The benefts are easy to define ,it is quality,dynamic,passion and speed.BMW customers or potential customers know what they want and they are very loyal.Once decided for a BMW 6 series ,most of them buy the successor too.They know about the quality and the advantages of such a car.They also enjoy the comfort provided by these cars,that’s why their attitude towards the product is mostly enthusiastic and positive. The Target market of BMW is middle to upper class individuals,families.They are the...
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