Story of Hate and Conflict

Topics: English-language films, Fiction, Death Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Plaza College
LL290 Literary Analysis
Professor Daniel McNally
January 30, 2013

On the sidewalk bleeding by Evan Hunter short story, there was a lot of hate and

conflict between two gangs the royals unusual and the guardians. That eventually led to a

horrible incident.

Knowing of the hate rage that they had against each other it was no surprise to me that he was

Stabbed by one of the guardians and left laying down in the sidewalk. He was in so much pain

and unable to scream for help. All he could do is to think of Laura the women he loved and him

dreams to make a family with her. Some help came to him but unsuccessfully to help him, the

Drunken man was too drunk to help him. But with Freddie and Angela was different they didn’t

help him because of the name on his jacket (Royal) they were afraid of being harassed by the

guardian, once again he was left to bleeding to death.
By reading this story I realized how ironic life is he thought that it was cool to be one of the

royals, but instead it worked against him. We don’t treasure life and people around us we take

things for granted. Andy realized that it was not cool at all to be a royal, and that there was other

things more important that being in a gang. Unfortunately for him it was too late he was dying

and it’s too sad to dye alone with no one around. I realized that violence doesn’t lead you to

any good.
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