Story of an Hour – Kate Chopin

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Point of view is the way the author choose to tell the story. Who is the narrator, how he relates to the story and how much he know? It combines to all other concepts to build the value and the existence of a fiction.

We have four kinds of point of view: third person limited point of view, third person unlimited point of view , third person objective point of view and first person point of view. Firstly, third person unlimited point of view, the narrator narrates the story primarily from outside about one character. The main character and other characters are told in the relationship with that center person. Third pronouns as he, she , they, him, her, them are used and the main character’s observation such as thoughts, opinions, feelings thought the narrator appears clearly and objectively to readers. Secondly, third person objective point of view, the narrator knows everything about everyone and he directly reveals everything unlimitedly uninvolved in main character’s observation. Thirdly, third person objective point of view, the narrator is more like a camera or a playwright showing the story without explanation or analyzing, with little or no comment at all. Finally, first person point of view, the narrator might be the main character, a minor or just an observer. He live inside the story and the reader is limited in his view of the narrative world though this gives reader chance to enter the narrative world as a part of it.

In “The story of an hour”, Kate Chopin - the author stands outside the world of the narrative as the same reader’s position. She tells about the main character – protagonist Lousie Mallard. She describes what is going on in the story. She knows thought, opinion, motives, hope, desire and all inner feeling of Lousie. The narrator together with the reader stand before the scene you see her react, her words, her whisper… to search inside her thought, to see what is happening, the changes in her one last hour life. Through her eyes,...
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