Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

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  • Published : January 9, 2011
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The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin

1. The action of the story is condensed into about an hour. All the activity, news of the death, feigned sorrow, rejoicing at new found freedom, feigning the proper 'attitude,' and all the... 2. The author, Kate Chopin is making a statement about life and how it can be drastically altered in as little as an hour. The main character, figuratively speaking, lives a new life in the... 3. The scene is nothing special: a woman hears the new of her husband’s death. But the description of the feeling is special (‘feminist’, so people will say so).

Most of the stories concern the grief of death, though this is true, they fail to reveal the flip side of the one’s feeling. When the woman hears her husband’s death, she first reaction is grief and don’t know what to do. But she starts to realise the end of her husband’s life might be a new beginning of her life. She may be free again, free to do whatever she like and free to concern only herself, not others. The joy of freedom and hope of new live is mixed with the moral sense of grief. Though this story seems immoral-when someone dies, you are supposed to feel sad, rather than feel happy. And if you don’t cry in the funeral, you will be regarded as ‘cold-blood’. I understand the feeling of the woman: when one is bounded by marriage or work or others for a long time, he or she may feel released if they are freed from those they are along with. It is the nature of human beings, though sounds evil.
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