Story and Movie Comparison of Sleepy Hollow

Topics: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving, Short story Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Imagine a town, so small it’s almost nonexistent, peaceful and tranquil. This is the vision Washington Irving had when he wrote the setting for the short story of Sleepy Hollow. However this town has been plagued with the presence of the Headless Horseman. In the story the school teacher, Ichabod Crane, tries to swoon the heart of the fair Katrina Van Tassel. When he is rivaled by the devious Brom Bones. In the movie however; Ichabod is a constable from New York sent to solve the murders of three people. All of which were killed in the same way; decapitation.

In the story, Sleepy Hollow seems like a quaint little town. With fields for the farmers, and plenty of land for each family to homestead. There are hills rolling throughout the town. With a river crossing right by the yard of the church. However Tim Burton had a different vision when he came up with the setting for Sleepy Hollow in for the movie of Sleepy Hollow. It’s more of an eerie, ghost-town kind of place in the way of sending chills down your spine and clutching fear to your heart.

Ichabod Crane; the kind, but poor schoolmaster that does more than teach children to earn his money. In the book he is a man who will help the farmers, midwives, and just about anyone else he can just to make money. He has such a remedial amount of money that he doesn’t even have a place to call home. However, the Ichabod Crane from the movie is a well paid constable from New York. He has his own home that is quite large. He pays for everything that he needs by himself. The two versions come together in the aspect of Ichabod trying to “get the girl” as it were. By this metaphor I mean in both the story and the movie he tries to win the heart of Baltus Van Tassels daughter Katrina.

The movie was made to be slightly more modern than the story. I realized this when I noticed that the story had everyone riding horseback, when the movie had buggies or horse-drawn carriages. Also the director had Ichabod using more...
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