Story Analysis: Gone With the Wind

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Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind is based in the South during the Civil War. Scarlett O’Hara lives on a plantation named Tara. Scarlett is only concerned about herself. She thinks she is in love with Ashley Wilkes, who loves and marries Melanie Hamilton. Scarlett agrees to marry Melanie’s brother in hopes of hurting Ashley. Unfortunately, Scarlett’s husband dies during the war and she must now play the role of widow. When fire claims Atlanta, Scarlett and Melanie make the dangerous trek back to Tara. Upon returning to Tara, Scarlett finds that her Mother has died, her father has lost his mind, and the Yankee army has looted the plantation. Scarlett vows to never go hungry again. She rebuilds Tara. When the war ends, Scarlett learns that the taxes on Tara have been raised. She goes back to Atlanta to seek help from Rhett Butler but he is in jail and cannot help. Scarlett tricks her sisters boyfriend into marry her as he is a successful business owner. She pays the taxes on Tara and with the help of Rhett Butler, buys a sawmill and becomes a shrewd businesswoman. After Scarlett’s second husband dies, Scarlett marries Rhett Butler. They have one daughter. Their marriage starts to crumble. Their only daughter dies in a horse-riding accident and Rhett almost looses his mind. When Melanie falls ill, Scarlett rushes to her side. She realizes that her love for Ashley was just a fantasy and that she really is in love with Rhett. She rushes to tell Rhett what she has figured out. Unfortunately it is too late, Rhett leaves. Scarlett once again goes back to Tara to recover and to think of a way to win Rhett back.

Gone with the Wind portrays the South very well, in my opinion. This movie was very convincing of the Civil War times. It showed the actual working plantations, not just the wealthy non-working socialites. It showed how the slaves were treated and their working conditions. I believe there was more truth to the movie than propaganda. This movie showed...
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