story about Human Rights

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  • Published : February 14, 2014
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February 2180, I was 20 years old little shaver, Earth had become a living hell; earthquakes don't stop, deaths are hastily accumulating , caustic countries had drowned deep in the oceans. It had become a killing frenzy. The media was talking about new shelters available in space, it was taken as a fabrication at first, but formerly rich prosperous families really migrated to settle in their new homes, on new lands, on a new PLANET. Unfortunate people like me kept decamping to save their lives on Earth, where it had turned into a deserted ruins. March 2190, I turned 30, happily I was still alive as many others, but not for long; News apprised us that Earth is going to reach its deadline to total destruction. It was horrifying, we just gave up and waited our end. Days later, good news revived our desperate souls. A crowd of spaceships were being sent to us under the title of "Human Rights" to take us to our new homes. At least that's what we thought.

August 2190, we finally arrived planet Saturn, it was built up so shockingly good as Earth had never been, as if it has been being constructed and worked in for hundred years. We were delightfully greeted and waited to see our new homes, but it wasn't as we expected. After greeting us, we were simply left alone on a totally foreign land that we know nothing about, just wandering on the ground when normal people are flying their vehicles above us. Later we met some people who had been around for a while there, it turned out that there are poor people there living as low as the ground, few markets and stores around supplying such people with food and essentials and even some old fashioned houses were there, it was just like a small old village as ones we had on earth, merchants get the products from the high city and get them down here to supply markets.

Weeks later after getting the essentials of life there, I made a new friendship with the market dealer and started working for him instead of searching for...
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