Storm of Steel

Topics: World War I, Trench warfare, World War II Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: May 2, 2013
A Glorified Trench War
“No finer death in all the world than…’ Anything to participate, not to have to stay at home.” This quote is an example of Junger’s view on the war. Does Storm of Steel Glorify War? Yes. Compared to other accounts of World War I, such as the film “All quiet on the Western Front,” Storm of Steel does seem to somewhat promote the war. Junger seems to glorify war by being a hero for participating in it. On the other hand, the film “All Quiet on the Western Front,” completely shows the was as a horrible thing, with a very sad and horrible ending.

Junger starts off with talking about the war being the best place to be. He says that anything beats being stuck at home in boredom. This was the best way to get away from home that would be seen as a good thing. “Grown up in an age of security, we shared the yearning for danger, for the experience of the extraordinary…. Surely the war would supply us with what we wanted; the great the overwhelming, the hallowed experience. Junger talks about this as to why he joined the war; for a sense of the unknown and for an unexpected life. Joining the war would give him all of the things he wanted as would it would give anyone else. He presents the war to seem like anyone that joins the war would experience the same feelings that he has had when he joined the war. He starts off with what he thinks are positive aspects of joining the war, but there are negative side to the war.

“Distance to the heart, forever nigh!,” says a mossy stone of a fallen soldier. It continues, “Heroes’ deeds and heroes’ graves, Old and new you here may see. How the Empire was created, How the Empire was preserved. Junger makes it out to seem that these stones signified what he was now: a hero. He was out there in the trenches daily, fighting, losing soldiers that have fought next to him, but going through this made him a hero in his eyes. Soldiers who have died for their country are heroes. This is one of his hidden tactics...
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