Store Keeper

Topics: Physical inventory, Inventory, Inventory control system Pages: 6 (1712 words) Published: January 19, 2011
STOREKEEPER 1/2 DEFINITION Under general supervision keeps stock records, receives, stores and issues material, supplies, tools, parts and equipment for installation, construction and/or maintenance of a water distribution system; loads and unloads supplies and other materials; operates a variety of material handling equipment; and performs other related work as required. DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Work in this position involves, but is not limited to, issuing of materials, supplies and equipment used in the construction, operations and maintenance functions; receiving and placing into stock those materials, supplies and equipment ordered for specific jobs or restocking materials, supplies, and equipment returned from jobs; and maintaining a safe, neat, orderly, and clean storage area, both inside and outside of the warehouse. Storekeeper 1 is the entry level classification in this series. Individuals receive training and more detailed experience in storekeeping duties and perform basic duties under supervision. This class is flexibly staffed. Individuals normally advance to the Storekeeper 2 classification after gaining experience, demonstrating sustained satisfactory performance, achieving and demonstrating the proficiency necessary to meet the requirements for the higher classification, and upon recommendation and approval of higher level supervisory and management staff. Storekeeper 2 is the skilled level classification in this series. Employees at this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise, and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies of the District. This class is flexibly staffed and is normally filled by advancement from the “1” level, or, when filled from the outside, has prior qualifying experience. Individuals perform work of moderate difficulty in a lead capacity; either performing the work themselves, or directing the activities of Storekeeper 1 or other assigned personnel. These activities include but are not limited to receipt, warehousing, issuing and inventorying in the operation of a warehouse. Performs other related work as required. TYPICAL EXAMPLES OF DUTIES – Positions in this class may perform any or all of the below listed duties. These should be interpreted as examples of the work, and are not necessarily all-inclusive. RECEIVING: 1. Receives all incoming shipments; verifies and inspects for conformity to appropriate purchase orders. Notifies and/or delivers received items to addressee. 2. Receives, classifies, and credits returned or reclaimed materials, supplies, and equipment and replaces them in stock according to an existing storage system. 3. Unpacks materials, supplies, tools, and equipment; verifies articles received against packing list and purchase orders; counts or weighs the articles; stores articles in prescribed bins, racks, shelves, and floor or yard sites.


4. Inspects incoming materials for wear, damage, or defects; reports any discrepancies or damage in materials received; notifies the proper person if repairs or adjustments are required. 5. Processes receiving and delivery for inventory and non-inventory items purchased by satellite warehouses. SHIPPING AND DELIVERY: 6. Performs material handling and loading operations; uses hand trucks and other material handling equipment regularly. 7. Packs and ships materials, supplies, tools, and equipment. 8. Delivers supplies, forms, and copy paper to all departments. MATERIAL ISSUE: 9. Issues articles upon requisition; may use hand tools to cut stock to size prior to issue. 10. Stages most materials, supplies and equipment for crews. 11. Assembles materials from requisition forms; loads and unloads equipment and supplies from trucks; loads docks and runways. 12. Handles all issuances of construction meters (hydrant meters) to outside customers and processes receiving of returned construction meters following proper procedures. 13. May determine material...
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