Storage Managenment

Topics: Ethernet, Jumbo frame, Computer network Pages: 4 (921 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Q1.DAS provides an economically viable alternative to other storage networking solutions. Justify this statement.

Ans- DAS provides an economically viable alternative to other storage networking solutions as-
DAS configuration is simple and can be deployed easily and rapidly. •Setup is managed using host-based tools, such as the host OS, which makes storage management tasks easy for small and medium enterprises. •DAS is the simplest solution when compared to other storage networking models •Requires fewer management tasks

Less hardware and software elements to set up and operate.

Q2.Why is SCSI performance superior to that of IDE/ATA? Explain the reasons from an architectural perspective.

Ans- SCSI is a set of standards used for connecting a peripheral device to a computer and transferring data between them. Often, SCSI is used to connect hdds and tapes to a host. SCSI can also connect a wide variety of other devices such as scanners and printers. And if we compare it with IDE/ATA then the comparison will be like

Comparison of IDE/ATA with SCSI

Speed 100, 133, 150 MB/s 320 MB/s •Connectivity Internal Internal and external •Cost Low Moderate to high •Hot-pluggable No Yes •Performance Moderate to low High •Ease of configuration High Low to moderate •Maximum number of

Devices supported 2 16

Q3. Explain the concept of NAS. Discuss the File-sharing Protocols used for NAS.

Ans- NAS is a preferred storage solution that enables clients to share files quickly and...
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