Stop Watching Tv

Topics: Television, Media violence research, Violence Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Kang Hee Jun
Wolf Li
March.23 2013
Stop Watching TV!
TV has been loved by many people. They watch TV for entertainment and out of boredom. Some people watch TV to pass the time or they watch TV for cheer themselves. If they are depressed, they turn on comedy programs, so it makes them laugh. TV became part of their life regardless of age. However, TV is not good as people think. They do not realize of side effect of watching TV because it does not show up immediately. When they find out the problem of watching TV, it is hard to turn the clock back. On average, two third of infant or toddler spend two hours on watching TV according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. We should prevent children on watching TV otherwise; children will get hurt by watching TV because TV has a lot of harmful contents than useful and helpful contents.

Often we can see that some children have more aggressiveness than other children. It may vary on different reasons, but there are a lot of possibilities that they are watching more TV than other children. It means TV contains a lot of violence. For instance, cartoon channels are one of children’s favorite channels because it is fun to watch and there are a lot of different cartoon, so they can keep watching it witho ut boredom. It looks fine because it is fun and they can get rid of stress by watching cartoon. However, it is not right way to comfort them. Most of the cartoons are dealing with heroes such as Batman, Spiderman and X-man. They have different characters and stories, but they contain violence. Interestingly, we do not realize that they are violence because most of the violent actions are done by good guys. Therefore, children think hitting is fine if they are good guy, so children will be desensitized to violence and more aggressive. In addition, bad guys on the TV are not always get punished for their action. Therefore, children will get confused understand about what is right or wrong. Moreover, children are...
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