Stop the Use of Cell Phones While Driving

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Injury Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Andre Jones
SP180.0.2 Principles of Public speaking
Assignment 6_06
May 13 2013

Many people driving don’t know that they can be so many wrongs they can be doing without realizing it. Plenty talk on the phone while driving, drink, text and drive. A lot of people even innocent people as well have had accidents involving one of those. Out of the three there has been one that has become more common, and it’s only increasing if people don’t put a stop to it themselves. A usage of a cell phone should not be displayed at any point while driving. It can wait many have had accidents even deaths because of reading or of writing a simple text messages. No text is worth dying for. As technology keeps on evolving quickly you’d wonder why many can’t keep their hands off there cell phones. The usage of a phone should be nowhere near you while driving. If it rings and distracts you, turn it off. Every time you look or even pick up the phone you are putting your life and as well as other lives around you at risk. It should be banned completely, if it is there wouldn’t be as many deaths and accidents occurring because of a simple phone.

The usage of a cell phone while your home and in a stable environment is always fine, however if you’re on the road driving it can get you in a dangerous situation. It’s common of people to use their phone while driving but widely dangerous. Driving while using a cell phone can have your life in danger in a matter of seconds as well as innocent people as well. Banning the use of cell phones while driving should be enforced in full effect, driving and using your cell phone can automatically put your life in danger and possibly life term injury. Throughout the years there has been an increase number of deaths due to the use of cell phones use while driving, they are talking on the phone while driving, texting, or just looking through the cell phone for something. Many innocent people in society as well have been affected by...
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