Stop the Procrastination

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| November 13, 2012|
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Delaina June Kimberly Williams
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[Stop the procrastinating]|

Argument paper arguing why we should make a move to stop procrastination.

Argument paper arguing why we should make a move to stop procrastination.

Procrastination is a common trait among many young people today, especially college students. Not to say it does not occur with children and adults, when it very much does so. However, the trait that people tend to possess that greatly affects an individual, is procrastination. The effects are evidently shown through a person’s academics, stress and their loss of opportunities. Procrastination is obviously a terrible trait to possess. There should be an end to procrastination to better adults, students, and children and stop the negative outcomes that procrastination gives them.

In work, relationships, and social interactions, procrastinating has negatively affected adults with their jobs or even a particular position or opportunity. If something is held off for long periods of time in a work area, a company can lose profit, as well as their customers and even the function of the company. Whatever the case may be, organization is needed in a work force to proceed. With procrastination, things get out of order. Relationships can suffer from procrastination, whether it is procrastinating in communicating or following through, creating mistrust and not intrapersonal relationships. This being so shows why procrastination should be recognized to be stopped to better the community since job performance can affect the public. How, I will show you shortly.

For college students, academics suffer, and grades decline; procrastination on schoolwork for any reason will has a poor effect. Abraham Lincoln said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. Whenever a task that needs to be accomplished is interfaced with...
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