Stop Hardcoding- Follow Parameterization Technique

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Parameter File in Informatica

A parameter file contains a list of parameters and variables with their assigned values. $$LOAD_SRC=SAP
$$DOJ=01/01/2011 00:00:01
Each heading section identifies the Integration Service, Folder, Workflow, Worklet, or Session to which the parameters or variables apply. [Global]
[Folder_Name.WF:Workflow_Name.WT:Worklet_Name.ST:Session_Name] [Session_Name]
Define each parameters and variables definition in the form name=value pair on a new line directly below the heading section. The order of the parameters and variables is not important within the section.


The Integration Service interprets all characters between the beginning of the line and the first equal signs as the parameter name and all characters between the first equals sign and the end of the line as the parameter value. If we leave a space between the parameter name and the equals sign, Integration Service interprets the space as a part of the parameter name. If a line contains multiple equal signs, Integration Service interprets all equals signs after the first one as part of the parameter value. Do not enclose parameter or variable values in quotes as Integration Service interprets everything after the first equals sign as part of the value. Do not leave unnecessary line breaks or spaces as Integration Service interprets additional spaces as part of a parameter name or value. Mapping parameter and variable names are not case sensitive. To assign a null value, set the parameter or variable value to or simply leave the value blank. $PMBadFileDir=

The Integration Service ignores lines that are not valid headings,or do not contain an equals sign character (=) as Comments.

Created on 01/01/2011 by Admin.
Folder: Work_Folder
; Above are all valid comments
; because this line contains no equals sign.

Precede parameters and variables used within mapplets with their corresponding mapplet name.


If a parameter or variable is defined in multiple sections in the parameter file, the parameter or variable with the smallest scope takes precedence over parameters or variables with larger scope.


In the specified session name, the value for session parameter $DBConnection_TGT is Orcl_SG and for rest all other sessions in the workflow, the connection object used will be Orcl_Global.

Scope of Informatica Parameter File

Next we take a quick look on how we can restrict the scope of Parameters by changing the Parameter File Heading section.

[Global] -> All Integration Services, Workflows, Worklets, Sessions. [Service:IntegrationService_Name] -> The Named Integration Service and Workflows, Worklets, Sessions that runs under this IS. [Service:IntegrationService_Name.ND:Node_Name]

[Folder_Name.WF:Workflow_Name] -> The Named workflow and all sessions within the workflow. [Folder_Name.WF:Workflow_Name.WT:Worklet_Name] -> The Named worklet and all sessions within the worklet. [Folder_Name.WF:Workflow_Name.WT:Worklet_Name.WT:Nested_Worklet_Name] -> The Named nested worklet and all sessions within the nested worklet. [Folder_Name.WF:Workflow_Name.WT:Worklet_Name.ST:Session_Name] -> The Named Session. [Folder_Name.WF:Workflow_Name.ST:Session_Name] -> The Named Session. [Folder_Name.ST:Session_Name] ->...
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