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Stop bullying on the internet
Last month, a post-eighties man who worked in an IT company committed suicide by hanging as his privacy was revealed on the internet (Ming Pao, 2013). Last month still, a cohort of students in Baptist University was bullied by the netizens as they took advantage of charitable owner of a canteen. Under this heavy pressure, they eventually issued six pieces of press releases to make an apology to the owner in one day(Oriental Daily, 2013). In fact, there are still numerous cases about cyber bullying around us that is not issued. It can be proved that cyber bullying is related to our daily life. Dear readers, do you see how serious cyber bullying is? Let us discuss the problem and solution of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is bullying that takes place using electronics technology, including computers, mobile phones ( There are several actions causing cyber bullying: flaming, harassment, exclusion, cyber stalking, impersonation, defamation, slandering, happy slapping, online-voting booths and so on so forth (Yin-lan Chen, 2011). Due to the deep impact on teenagers, we will focus on teenage cyber bullying.

In a century of rapidly developing information technology, every teenager surfs the net or some social networking sites. Also, teenagers’ deeds may be seen by others. Whenever they do wrong things and make people resentful, their deeds or privacy may be recorded and posted on the internet. In addition, internet is a good place that people can vent their emotions. However, venting emotion incorrectly, for example, scolding, revealing privacy, can lead to cyber bullying. According to a research psychology department in Chinese University of Hong Kong, there are over 30% and 45% interviewed teenagers having been bullied and having bullied on the internet respectively over 2009 (news release of CUHK, 2010). Therefore, cyber bullying has a close relationship with internet.

Cyber bullying not only brings about the...
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