Stop at a Winner Betting

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Hi Valued buyer,

Thanks for ordering my item on ebay, in the next 5 minutes you are going to see how i personally make money 100% legally at the bookmakers at the bottom of my street ....

Not to mention you arent just buying this item and thats that, you have my email address and im hereon the computer everyday to help you if needbe thats A PROMISE !

When you go into the bookies tomorrow you will be walking out with a very big smile on your face, the example below is of the type of bets i do now, but as its your 1st time maybe you might want to try £5/£10 just so you know it works, either way after reading this you will see it DOES WORK and there is NO GAMBLING involved ...

Ok enough rambling on, lets get too it ....Please note no uk bookmakers can stop you from doing this bet, if they say you cant then ask to speak to the manager ( thats why this is a little known secret NOT MANY KNOW ) they wont want you doing it but 100% THEY CANT STOP YOU REMEMBER THAT !

Many bookie managers will question the legitimacy of this bet (as has happened to me a few times) but get them to ring head office because it’s 100% guaranteed legitimate, if you have any problems CONTACT ME.


We use the phrase ‘Stop at a winner’ ( very important ) and we include this on our bet slip. How many times have you picked 2 teams to win and 1 has been beaten and you lose your bet. Well this little system allows you to pick 2 teams at low odds (or high) and you’ll get a profit even if only one team wins

Lets us use Chelsea and arsenal for example, Chelsea being 1/3 and Arsenal being 4/6

Please note you wont need to place the same amount of cash, this is just the level im at ...

This is an example of how to write out this bet:


Chelsea 1/3 to win £100.00
Arsenal 4/6 to win £300.00
‘Stop at a winner’
Total stake £400.00


Arsenal to win 4/6 £100.00
Chelsea to win 1/3 £300.00
‘Stop at a winner’...
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