Stop Animal Testing - Essay

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Stop Animal Testing
Many companies nowadays are testing their products on animals, which can be very painful to these innocent creatures. Some people have resorted to not purchasing products from these companies to show that they do not support them. So why should these companies legally be allowed to test on animals, if people are locked up every day for animal cruelty? As Thomas Paine said in “The Crisis”, “If we reason to the root of things we shall find no difference; neither can any just cause be assigned why we should just punish in one case, and pardon in the other.” No matter which way you may look at it an animal is being hurt and it is our responsibility to speak up for them if they cannot. Every day animals are taken from their families to be used as lab rats for products such as makeup, shampoo and conditioner, medicine and so on. These animals then endure harsh tests that can lead to deformities and even death. Many people have started petitions to change the laws that allow for testing on animals. These laws would allow for the government to set strict rules and regulations, using animals as a last resort on any company wishing to test their products. They would also be required to donate fifteen percent of their proceeds to any organization that supports and protects animals. Although this would not completely eliminate animal testing, it would make it harder to acquire animals for testing, and failure to comply would result in heavy fines. This would help to lessen the amount of animals being tested on. So why you ask should I vote against animal testing in the upcoming election? Animals do not always react the same way as humans, since they are not an exact match. This has lead some people to consider this practice unreliable, and unnecessary. If the tests are unable to be used, then why perform them? After the animals have been tested they are then left to live out their life in pain, or killed. Not only that, but animal testing...
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