Stop Animal Abuse

Topics: Extinction, Endangered species, IUCN Red List Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: January 7, 2013
An End to Animal Abuse
“Animals are dying all over the world and becoming endangered species mostly because of animal abuse and cruelty” (James Gorman). It is a worldwide problem that will continue unless people are concerned about it or stop doing it. There should be more laws regulating child labor. Animal abuse stops scientists from researching animals. Animals become endangered species. It also causes psychological effect. Animal abuse must be abolished. One reason animal abuse must be abolished is because it stops scientists from researching other animals. “Researching animals helped make medicines for terrible diseases.” (James Gorman). One endangered animal is the chimpanzee, which is endangered because of being trapped in cages. Another reason animal abuse should be abolished is that animals die and become endangered species. “Breeds of horses face endangerment and extinction because of animal abuse.” ( These horses get slaughtered by people for their meat because people think horses can cure HIV. Some horses are killed because of religion. Last reason animal abuse should be abolished is that animal abuse causes psychological effect. “This means animals are shy and aggressive because of being injured and hurt. The most negative thing about animal abuse is psychological effect.” (James Gorman). As you can see, there are many reasons why there should be more laws regulating animal abuse. Animals getting injured and hurt badly causes many horrible things. It makes scientists give up on their research on animals, animals get close to endangerment or extinction, and most importantly, it will cause effects when animals are hurt. If you see animals getting abused or treated bad, call the ASPCA. They are professionals and save and find homes for animals every day. There number is (212) 876-7700. esugujububuz
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